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T-Rex Game -:

You are interested in all offline dinosaur games i.e. T Rex Game. Everyone must be familiar with Dino King and you all must have played this game often.

When a user attempts to navigate to a web page on Google Chrome while offline, the Browser notifies the user that they are not connected to the Internet, with an illustration of a pixelated Tyrannosaurus Rex shown on the page.

T-Rex Game

What is T Rex Game? – No internet Game

When a user is offline or unable to connect to the Internet, T Rex Game | Dino King starts automatically when you press the space button.

T Rex Game is also called Dino King. Avoid dangers and gain points T Rex Game | Dino King runs in a desert area.

The game can be started by pressing the Space Key on the desktop and tapping the dinosaur on Android or iOS mobile devices.

Apart from this, type chrome://dino or chrome://network-error/-106 in the address bar of Chrome Browser and type T Rex Game. Dino King can be started.

Game NameT-Rex, Dino King
The CreatorGoogle
PlatformGoogle Chrome
ModeSingle Player
ControlSpace, Up, Down keys, tap

How to Play T Rex Game? – No internet Game

Follow the steps given below to play T Rex Game on your computer or mobile:

  • Turn off your Wi-Fi or disconnect your PC from the Internet.
  • Open Google Chrome on your computer to start the game.
  • Try to access any website that requires an internet connection. A page stating There is no Internet connection should appear.
  • As soon as you see the notice, press the spacebar on your keyboard to launch the T Rex Game.
  • Dino King will start playing on the screen. Press the spacebar to jump over obstacles like cacti and birds in the T Rex Game.
  • As you play, the pace of the game will become faster and more difficult.
  • Use the space bar on your keyboard to jump up or the up key to lower your head.

The T-Rex Game is a simple but entertaining game that can last for hours. The games below can be started by pressing the space bar and tapping on mobile devices.

More About Dino King -:

This T Rex game was created in 2014 by members of the Chrome UX team. Which included Alan Bates, Sebastian Gabriel, and Edward Jung. Gabriel designed the player character named “Lonely T-Rex”.

During development, the game was codenamed Project Bolan, in reference to Marc Bolan, lead singer of the band T. Rex. The developers chose the dinosaur theme as a reference for the game’s function.

The game was released in September 2014. The game did not initially work on older mobiles or computers, so the game’s code was updated and re-released in December of the same year.

In September 2018, the Egg Easter was added to the game in celebration of Google Chrome’s 10th birthday and the game’s 4th birthday.

In which a birthday cake appears in the desert and a birthday hat appears on the Lonely T-Rex if the cake is eaten.

In November of the same year, Google introduced a feature to save the player’s high scores. The source code of this game is available on Chromium’s site.

In 2021, Google introduced a widget for iOS 14 in March that prompted players to chrome://dino.

And added an Easter egg in July for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, simulating various Olympic activities.

T Rex Game Supported Platform (Dino King) -:

If you want to play it anywhere outside of Google Chrome there are other websites and apps that offer comparable versions of the T-Rex game. Some of these are:

  • Any web browser can play T-Rex Runner, a version of the game played in the browser. Playing the game is not free, and online access is not required.
  • T-Rex Game – This app lets you play T-Rex games on your smartphone and is available for both iOS and Android devices. The program offers multiple backgrounds and stages as well as the chance to challenge friends for the highest score.
  • T-Rex Records is a separate mobile application that contains the T-Rex game with a special twist. Using the camera on your phone to track your speed and detect obstacles, you can use this game to control your T-Rex to sprint and jump over obstacles in the real world.
  • T-Rex Rampage is an advanced version of the T-Rex game in which you can command a giant T-Rex as it destroys homes, businesses, and automobiles across a metropolis. For PC and Mac, the game is available on Steam.

Overall, whether you prefer the original Chrome version or one of the many alternative options, the T-Rex game is a fun and addicting game that can be played in various ways.

FAQs -:

Q. Does the T-Rex game end?

Ans -: The game has practically no end. Once you reach the top score of 99,999, the game restarts. You have no control over your speed and are unable to change direction.

Q. How to play the T-Rex game?

Ans -: To start Dinosaur (T-Rex Game) use the space bar of the computer keyboard, and use the up (arrow) and down (arrow) keys to control.

Q. What is the no Internet game?

Ans -: Dinosaur game, which comes on the No Internet Connection error page of Google Chrome. To start the game, use the space bar. To control the dinosaur, use the up (arrow) and down (arrow) keys.

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