List of Indoor Games For Kids: Names of 15 indoor games for children (best games played indoors)

List Of Indoor Games For Kids -:

These days the whole world is struggling with Coronavirus. In this Corona period, everyone, whether children, elderly, or youth, is forced to stay at home. However, in such times, everyone is spending their time in some way or the other, but children are the most troubled.

Exams are over, schools are closed, we cannot go out to play and it is not right to watch TV and mobile all the time. Now what should children do in such a situation? MomJunction has come up with a unique solution to this problem.

List Of Indoor Games For Kids

This is the right time to connect children with the traditional sports of India. These are games that can be easily played at home. Children can play these not only during the lockdown but even after that.

Names of 15 indoor games for children (Names of games played indoors) -:

Here we are telling the names of about 30 such games, which do not require much fanfare. All we need is some friends. Therefore, it would be better if parents become partners of their children and motivate them to play this game.

This will not only deepen your relationship with your children, but you will also relive your childhood once again. Come, and let us know about these 30 games in detail.

King Minister Thief Policeman -:

One of the many games played for small children is Raja Chor Mantri Sipahi. This is a character-based game, which is played by four people together. There are kings, ministers, soldiers, and thieves in it.

These names are written on four chits in this game, and numbers are also assigned in accordance with the names. The person with the highest number is referred to as the king, followed by the minister, the soldier, and the person with the lowest number, the thief.

How to Play King Minister Thief Policeman?

  1. This requires four players.
  2. Each player takes the role of a king, thief, minister, or soldier.
  3. One’s role depends on the chit he holds.
  4. Each chit has numbers according to the name of the character written on it.
  5. Then this chit is folded, so that what is written in the chit is not known.
  6. Then it is taken in hand, shaken well, and thrown down.
  7. Then the chits are picked up one by one.
  8. Its minister has to guess the identity of the thief.
  9. After that, it has to be told who has received which chit.
  10. Then their chit number is written on a paper.
  11. Those numbers are added after playing some games.
  12. Then the one whose number is higher is the king, followed by the minister, the soldier, and the thief.

Bird flies -:

This is a very fun game. Fingers are used to play it. Along with this, the names of some birds, animals, and objects are taken. According to the name the fingers have to be placed on top or on the ground.

For example, in the name of a flying creature or object, the finger has to be raised and in the name of an animal, the finger has to be kept on the ground.

How to Play Bird Flies?

  1. First of all, everyone should sit in a circle. Many people can play it together.
  2. Then place each of your fingers on the ground.
  3. Now someone will take the name of a bird, animal, or thing and accordingly, everyone else will have to raise their fingers in the air.
  4. If someone pointed a finger in the air in the name of non-flying, he could be punished by singing, dancing, or doing something else.

Snakes and Ladders -:

It is an exciting game, which is played with the help of a board, pieces, and dice. This board has numbers from 1 to 100 and the dice have numbers from 1 to 6, in between which are also pictures of snakes.

When playing this, the pieces have to move in the same box as the number on the dice. When the piece reaches the box containing the snake’s mouth, it goes back down to the box containing the snake’s tail. At the same time, when the ladder comes, the piece goes up.

How to Play Snakes and Ladders?

  1. Many people can play together in this.
  2. Snakes and Ladders Place the pieces on the board and each player takes turns rolling the dice and throwing them down.
  3. Even if the number 6 comes in the beginning, the card opens.
  4. After this, the number of numbers obtained after throwing the dice has to be moved to that number of columns.
  5. Whose piece reaches the first hundred? He wins the game.

Carrom -:

This game is played by two or four people together. It is played on a carrom board. The size of the board can be small or big. People of any age can play it. Children also enjoy this game very much.

It has 9 pieces each of two colors, which are black-yellow or black-white. It also has a red-colored piece, which is called Raan i.e. Queen. A striker is used to play this game.

How to Play Carrom?

  1. First of all, make a team of two.
  2. Both the team members will sit facing each other and all the pieces will be arranged and placed exactly in the middle of the carrom. The red piece i.e. the queen will remain in the middle of all these pieces.
  3. Place the striker on the striker line of the board, but as per the rules, the striker should be touching both lines. If someone’s striker is touching the same line, it will be considered a foul.
  4. Then aim at the piece and hit the striker with your finger, but make sure that during this time no part of your hand or finger is touching the board, otherwise, it will also be considered a foul.
  5. If the piece lands inside a square on the board after being hit by the striker, you play again. If she doesn’t go, members of the other team will play.
  6. At the same time, immediately after placing the red piece in the square of the board, it is necessary to place another piece in the square. If no pieces are moved after the red piece, the queen is removed and placed back in the middle of the board.
  7. The team that removes more pieces and queens first wins.

Poshampa -:

In this game, two children hold hands together and form a chain. They also sing the song “Poshampa Bhai Poshampa, which happened in the Red Fort, stole a watch worth a hundred rupees, now you will have to go to jail, eat jail bread, and drink jail water.

Now you will have to come to jail”. During this, children pass through that chain. As the song ends, a child passing by is caught. The one who is caught is out of the game.

How to Play Poshampa?

  1. Two children should stand facing each other.
  2. Then they will hold each other’s hands make a chain and raise their hands.
  3. After this, we will start singing the song.
  4. Whereas the rest of the children will cross that chain from the line.

Musical Chairs -:

The music and chair race game is a lot of fun. Music is mainly used during this game.

There is one fewer chair than there are participants in this. when the melody ends. Each player must find a chair to sit on; the player who is unable to do so loses.

How to Play Musical Chairs?

  1. Make a round circle of chairs. Keep in mind that there should be space for sitting in the chair.
  2. Then play songs on the music system and ask the children to run in a circle behind the chair.
  3. Tell them in advance that they have to sit on the chair when the music stops.
  4. At the end of each round, the one who cannot sit on the chair is out and one chair is reduced.
  5. This way, in the end, one chair and only 2 players are left. The one who sits on the chair as soon as the music stops wins.

Hide and Seek -:

Hide and Seek is a very popular game. Parents also enjoy this game along with their children. Children sometimes hide in such places where it becomes difficult to find them.

How to Play Hide and Seek?

  1. The person searching has to close his eyes and count from 1-10 for some time.
  2. During that count, everyone else hides and lets the child find it.
  3. To ensure that the child does not get bored, hide in a place where it is easy for him to find.
  4. In this way, the one who is found first will get his turn in the next round.

Ludo -:

When it comes to leisure games, Ludo is the best. These days, one can play it online as well. Sitting at home, you and your friend can play it on your mobile device. For this, there are a lot of apps available. It can be played by two, three, or four people at once.

How to Play Ludo?

  1. This requires a Ludo board.
  2. Each player has four pieces. Each player has to move all his pieces to the center of the board.
  3. It is played with dice. Every piece opens with the number 6. After this, the piece moves forward as many boxes as the number that appears on the dice.
  4. Any player can move another player’s piece that comes in the way. An additional move is awarded when a piece is cut, any piece reaches the middle of the board and the number 6 comes up.
  5. The player whose pieces reach the middle of the board first is the winner.
  6. If you do not have a Ludo board, you can play it on a tab or mobile.

Stone-Paper-Scissors -:

It is also known as rock-paper-scissors. It is a hand-held game, usually played between two people. In this, each player has to choose one of three shapes simultaneously and make that hand.

How to Play Stone-Paper-Scissors?

  1. First of all, both the players should stand face to face.
  2. Then say Stone-Paper-Scissors while moving your hand.
  3. In this, the one making the Caesar shape wins over the one making the paper shape.

Tambola -:

The game Tombola is thrilling and fun. It can be played by children, adults, and youth alike. Multiple players can play this numbers game at the same time. Each of the 15 sheets used for this has 15 numbers written on it, ranging from 1 to 90.

At the same time, a bag contains coupons numbered 1 to 90. The one who gets more numbers on his sheet is given a prize. Also, the biggest prize is given when the entire number of the sheet is crossed.

How to Play Tambola?

  1. For this, a Tambola kit is required.
  2. That kit contains several sheets of different numbers and on a separate sheet, all the numbers from 1 to 90 are written.
  3. Give one sheet to all the players playing.
  4. Some numbers are written on those sheets. At the same time, a player will take out a coupon from the bag and say the number. The one whose sheet will first cross out all the numbers in a straight line, either horizontally or vertically, is the winner.
  5. The one whose sheet will have all its numbers crossed out first will be the winner of the game.
  6. The methods and rules of playing this game are also given in the Tambola kit.

Word Puzzle Game -:

Up to four players can enjoy this entertaining alphabet game. To play, you need a board. Points are awarded based on correctly spelled words using the alphabet in this game.

Whoever gets more points is the winner of this game. By playing this, children will not only be able to learn new words but will also sharpen their minds. Two or more children can play this.

How to Play Word Puzzle Game?

  1. This kit contains a word puzzle board and alphabets from A to Z.
  2. Any player will make a word using these alphabets. After that, other players will one by one create new words above, below, or to the right and left of that word.
  3. The one who continues making words till the end will win.
  4. The rules and methods of playing it are given in its kit. After reading it, teach children to play it.

Puzzle -:

The puzzle is completely different from a word puzzle game. It consists of many pieces of a single photo. A photo has to be taken by connecting all these pieces. In this, it is important to understand the clue given in that photo. This develops the thinking ability of children.

How to Play Puzzle?

  1. This requires a puzzle board or a photo cut into parts.
  2. The puzzle has to be fixed by placing the parts of those photos in the right place.
  3. Children play this alone, but you can sit with them and tell them some clues.

Cards -:

Cards can be used to play a wide variety of games. Rummy is a popular game that is included in this category. This game is simple to comprehend. All of the cards in this game must be arranged in sets or three-card sequences.

To complete the set, a joker or wild card is used. A wild card is a unique card that is chosen at the moment of play. The cards need to match in terms of number, color, and order in order to finish the sequence. The game is won by whose order is formed first.

How to Play Cards?

  1. A pack of 2 cards is used for this game.
  2. There must be at least one joker in every pack.
  3. The numbers of these cards are from bottom to top, like – Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen and King.
  4. When making sets of cards, the aces are placed first.
  5. In this game, the Ace has 10 points, which is the important card, and then comes Knave, Queen, and King in order.

Zero-kata -:

This game is also known as Tic Tac Toe. To play this game we need pen and paper. It can help in increasing the mental capacity of children because to win this game it is necessary to think correctly.

How to Play Zero-kata?

  1. To play this game, two horizontal and two vertical lines intersecting each other are drawn on the paper. In this way, a total of 9 boxes are made.
  2. Now 2 players are required to play this game.
  3. Any player can start the game by drawing zero or kata in any box.
  4. The other player has to make the opposite mark.
  5. The player who makes zero or kata marks in a line will win.

Tipi Tipi Top -:

Colors play an important role in this game, four to five children can play it together. It also provides good physical activity because colors have to be touched in this game. If a color is not nearby, the child has to find and touch that color.

How to Play Tipi Tipi Top?

  1. In this, first of all, one of the players has to say tipi top what color do you want?
  2. Whereas the other player has to say one color.
  3. The player who cannot touch the specified color is out.
  4. The fun of this game is to name a color that is not around.

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