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Heart Touching Friendship Quotes -:

Friends, in this post we have brought Heart Touching Friendship Quotes in Hindi for those who love their friends very much. Meaning, they love so much that they cannot express it, they cannot express it to them, that is why today we have brought Heart Touching Friendship Quotes in Hindi for them.

So that they can take their support and express their feelings to them. In this post, you will get to see Best Friend Quotes in Hindi and also the best images with quotes have been included.

Heart Touching Friendship Quotes

Short Friendship Quotes -:

The gathering of our own people rejected us,
But friends still hugged me!

NO SORRY NO THANKYOU in friendship
ONLY Come on, don’t teach your father!

Some friends are like this,
We fight a lot and quarrel a lot,
But we have to stay together!

Friends, it is a part of life.
Where there are no friends, there is no life!

People who maintain relationships even without any relationship,
Those are called true friends in life!

People ask why are you happy even in so much sorrow,
I said whether the world supports me or not, my friend is with me.

It’s hard to find a true friend,
But it is even more difficult to forget him!

Friendship is a relationship rooted in the soul,
Sir, due to less meetings,
Friendship never diminishes!

Even though the years keep changing,
But my friendship with you never changes!

You find the destination, we will make the way.
You stay happy, we will bring you happiness.
You just remain friends, we will maintain our friendship!

True friends never go away,
No matter how far away you come,
Never go away from the heart!

Not all friends are the same,
Some are not ours even though they are ours,
After becoming friends with you I felt,
Who says stars don’t belong on the ground!

Our lines are also very special,
That’s why we have a friend like you!

I will go to this extent for your friendship.
If you say so, I will even give up my life for you!

It is fun to talk only with friends.
With whom one does not have to think before speaking!

Friendship is the name of the story of happiness and sorrow,
The secret of friendship is to always smile,
This is not a momentary acquaintance,
Friendship is a promise to last a lifetime!

Of course we had to wait for some time,
But we got a friend greater than the world,
O friend, we have no desire for any heaven.
We got that love from your friendship!

Thirst for water and nonsense of my friend,
Both are out of control!

Friendship is that
Which even on the face drenched in rain,
Recognizes fallen tears!

The doctor who saw my pulse said laughingly,
Go and gather with old friends,
He is the medicine for all your problems!

Some are proud of wealth,
Some are proud of fame,
Who has a friend like you,
They are proud of their luck!

We have to pray to God,
May there be no worship except your friendship,
I get friends like you in every birth,
Or never get life again!

As long as my friends are with me,
No one can be born to kill me!

What a small world my world is,
One is me and one is your friendship!

A friend is someone who helps you,
Makes it easier to believe in yourself!

I don’t even know how to get angry with you,
I don’t know how much more than you,
I am in love!

One night God asked my heart,
Why are you so lost in friendship?
Then the heart said that friends have given all the happiness,
Otherwise the heart has always cried after loving!

A true friend never gets in your way,
Unless you’re going the wrong way!

In this era people are crazy about love,
And we are after friendship!
Love you friends!

Friendship is that feeling,
Who brings even unknown people closer,
The one who supports you every moment,
is called a friend,
Otherwise, even your shadow leaves you behind!

The wish of life is enough,
This much is mine now,
May I be with you and,
May life never end!

I know many people,
But my life is with friends!

Friends are better than medicine,
Because good friendship has no expiry date!

God said, don’t make friends and you will get lost in the crowd of friends.
I said, come and meet my friends in the land sometime.
You will also forget to go up!

A true friend never gets in your way,
Unless you’re going the wrong way!

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