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Laughing and joking with friends goes on every day, but if you are also looking for some funny friendship quotes for your friends, then you will get to see very funny Friendship Quotes in this post. You will have a lot of fun reading them. And those to whom you send it will also enjoy it a lot.

Funny Quotes for Friends -:

Funny Quotes for your Friends

When a good friend gets angry,
should always be celebrated
Because that bastard,
Knows all our secrets!

You should share your problem with friends because,
They give you such solutions,
That you will forget your problem!

I don’t like two types of girls at all.
1- Not going to talk to me,
2- Talking to other boys!🤣🤣

Cakes in boxes, cakes in boxes,
You are the number one monkey, my friend.
Just look in the mirror!😜

O Bholenath, get my setting done, I will offer 1 liter milk.
Or you can break my friends’ settings.
I will offer 4 liters of milk!

History is witness to so much sorrow at the time of a girl’s departure.
Even his father doesn’t suffer as much.
It happens to the boys in the neighborhood!

May our friendship be so deep,
The misdeeds are mine and the insults are yours!

Your face has settled in my heart like this,
Like a buffalo is stuck in a small door!

If I have life, I will support you friends,
If you forget, then understand that,
The wedding is over!

She had applied mehendi,
We had picked up the doli,
We knew that she would turn out to be unfaithful,
That’s why we kept his sister Pata!

Nowadays the same person is sarif,
Whose mobile is used by the entire family!

We had created an environment of learning all around,
But still only egg has come in the exam,
We just walk into the exam without washing our faces.
And friends say that he has read a lot!

O friend, may our friendship be so deep,
Whoever is your GF should be my GF too!

God has blessed me with very loyal friends,
If I don’t remember, they don’t even try!

It is very difficult to find a true friend,
I am surprised myself
How did you find me?

This is the lamp of friendship, keep it lit,
This friendship is blossoming, keep it blossoming.
Whether we stay in this place or not,
Just keep our memory in your heart!

Remember just 2 things in life,
I will tell you tomorrow and,
The day after tomorrow!

I swear I was crying at that time.
When she said Babu I am in ICU
After some time I came to know that she is a nurse!

God gave girls that,
gave them everything they needed
Except my mobile number!

When I was in 8th class,
My heart fell on a 10th class girl,
My goal is bigger than my childhood!

Flowers and stars all say,
My bestie is crazy and she,
You have to remain mad all your life!

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