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Best 43 Love Quotes -:

Friends, only a lover can know what love is. Until you fall in love with someone, you will also feel that love is a time waste, love is nonsense. But if seen in the true sense, love is a very beautiful feeling and the one who falls in love can see heaven right here.

Best 43 Love Quotes

Best 43+ Love Quotes -:

If you also love someone truly and you are afraid to express your love, then we hope that these Love Quotes will help you a lot in expressing your love.

The most important thing in love is,
Give time to your love!

Don’t make your restless heart any more restless,
If you want to love, then do it.
Don’t do me a favor!

Take care of yourself,
You are the only cartoon I have!

Love is a cut kite sir,
Only he who has a big roof falls!

Everyone falls in love when alone,
It becomes a matter when someone from the world
Call you mine in front of me!

I had kept my heart safe for years,
Didn’t even realize when it was stolen!

You have already touched my soul,
Still, kissing the forehead gives relief!

This is passion-e-ishq sir,
It is not like the atmosphere of any tavern,
Which comes down as soon as the morning comes!

Tell me the password of your heart,
I want to establish love!

We will meet whenever you say, but,
On one condition, neither you will wear a watch nor we will see the time.

one to talk to you
There is a different passion in my heart!

I had as much love as my life,
I have done everything with you!

Earlier I was only in love with you,
Now it has become a habit for you!!

All the happiness in my life,
You have something because of your excuse,
There is something in persuading you in torturing you!

Competition for the girl in your heart,
No Miss World in the world can do this!

Our love will progress,
When our marriage is finalized!

I don’t know what innocence is there on your face,
More than coming in front of you,
I like to watch you secretly!

What is the news to the sensible people, what is the nonsense,
Fall in love and then understand what life is all about!

Whether you meet me or not is a matter of fate.
But you get a lot of peace thinking about yourself!

It is my right to fight with you,
Because love for you is 100%!

Love is not that which makes you mine,
Love is something that doesn’t let you belong to anyone else!

Just finding someone is not called love.
Love means making a place in someone’s heart!

In this way you have entered my soul,
If you leave now, you will take my life!

Courts run on paper only.
We have accepted the decisions of your eyes!

A meeting of a few hours turned into years!

What strange proof did you ask for?
He took my love,
If you forget me, then accept it.
You love me!

We are so lost in your thoughts,
That now even Google will not be able to search!

We both go on a long journey,
I will be yours and you will be mine!

Whenever the question of loving someone came up,
My heart only thought of you!

I have seen a lot in life,
But I saw life only in you!

People fall in love after seeing a human being,
I fell in love and saw people!

There is no need to worry,
I can’t mention you anywhere!

It is very difficult to get that one heart,
The one who fulfills his love!

Every morning will be wonderful for me,
If that morning I opened my eyes in your arms!

May the wealth of the world diminish,
On one of his smiles!

To fulfill the lack of love,
Deeply aware of your love,
Needs to happen!

Love is free in childhood,
One has to earn in youth and,
Have to ask in old age!

Then the limits of the depth of love are known,
When it’s time to part!

I remember you every moment like this,
never happened,
The only reason was that,
This heart never forgot you!

The one who is loved,
There is no competition!

Sometimes seeing you brings so much relief,
I feel like just looking at you the whole day!

Neither eating nor drinking, neither waking nor sleeping,
I know only you can be mine!

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