Recognizing Stress Improves the Benefits of Coping Mechanisms

Coping with stress begins with recognizing it as it appears. Most people only associate stress with negative situations or occasions. Being overwhelmed at work or the loss of a job, accumulating excessive debt, or dealing with obnoxious relatives are common stresses. Making major decisions, going through a breakup or divorce, and the death of a friend or family member are other negative situations that bring about stress.

Positive Stress

The fact is that positive situations can also bring about stress. A wedding, searching for a first home, starting a new job, moving to a new area, or buying a new car are wonderful occurrences. People anticipate the event, plan for it, double check details, and are thrilled at the new possibilities. They are also experiencing stress. Think about that for a minute and let it sink in.

Natural Coping Mechanisms

Natural ways to relieve stress, such as massages, regular exercises, and boosting nutrition, are also recommended for brides-to-be, executives who are promoted, graduates, couples who are expecting a child, and new homeowners. People view them as well-earned pampering or special treats for accomplishing goals. They work because they are actually relieving positive stress.


It is possible that viewing stress differently can be a coping mechanism in itself. Recognizing that stress is also present in happy times, and realizing that is a normal reaction can help people begin to relax and calm their nerves. That mindset will also help people avoid medications by increasing the effects of herbal and natural food supplements.

Herbs, Vitamins, and Exercise

Herbs like chamomile, ginseng, and valdrian assist in maintaining healthy nervous systems and brain function in times of stress. Vitamin B-complex is also effective to relieve stress. The release of endorphin, which is a result of exercise, enhances the mood and also works well to reduce stress.

Other Techniques

Meditation, soft music, and deep breathing are other techniques that relieve stress in most people. The goal of any natural method is to incorporate it into the daily routine so stress does not get excessive. Research techniques online to find out more about recognizing and coping with excessive stress. Leaving stress untreated can have adverse effects on health.