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5 Healthy Drinks You Can Enjoy

We all know that water has so many wonderful and healthy benefits. Water, which is naturally pure and clear, provides hydration to our body system. There are no calories in water but at the same has minerals to nourish the human body. Anatomically, our body is made up of 60% water. It is therefore important to keep the body hydrated with water and excrete the toxins. Some people are choosy with their drinks and would like consuming unhealthy drinks instead of water. It is good to know that alternatives are provided to increase fluid intake in a healthy way.

Since birth, we were already introduced to milk. Even if you are an adult, you can still enjoy the richness and benefits of milk.Milk contains protien, good fat and calcium. The amount of calcium that a glass of milk has can level to more than one serving of vegetables. Day or night, either way, you will still enjoy the richness of a glass of milk.

You may not like the sound of vegetable juice in a bottle but you will be surprised of the benefits it can add to our health. Changing the taste of vegetables can be easy and all you need to do is juice it with fruits to make it tangy or sweet. You need to get used of green leafy vegetable taste or carrot-lemony taste to appreciate this healthy drink. To make it even enjoyable, add two or more fruits or mix various vegetables into the juicer. Ensure to have a high quality juicer to make a good concoction.

If vegetable juice does not suit our palate, you can try natural fruit juices. Fruits have different sugar levels, therefore, it is ideal to dilute the freshly juiced fruit to reduce the sugar in a glass serving.

Green tea is another type of drink that a lot of people enjoy and a lot also do not like. Green teas have different variety, however, they have contents that provide nutrients to our body. Ashitaba is a good example. The effectiveness of Ashitaba tea results to energizing the brain to be more active. Ashitaba also helps to increase life expectancy. Ashitaba is also known to help lose weight because of the content that it has to burn unhealthy body fats. Because green teas usually have clean taste to it, you can mix in honey which is a natural sweetener or lemon for a kick. It is convenient to make your own tea or Ashitaba green tea to make sure that only the natural ingredients are used.

Green teas do not have to be prepared warm all the time. Green tea is then drinkable whether warm or cold.